Entry #1

Soldier In Battle

2007-07-17 18:35:08 by DeadPixels

Well well well, Newgrounds' Redesign has broken free.
After spending over a day and a half on the Newgrounds Fan Paltalk Room talking things over, getting rapid updates from Wade.

It was a damn good experience, singing with each other, streaming remixes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and listening to Wade loop "The Final Countdown" over and over and over again.

All in all, the design is amazing, its what I expected, and even more. With few errors here and there its acceptable seeing as how much effort the NG Team put into this. The only thing that suprised me was the NG Mag, I can't seem to think it looks left out, but maybe we'll something done in the future...

Thank you, Tom, Wade, James, and the rest of the infinite NG Team!

You pulled through, guys! :D


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2007-07-20 07:39:18

Newgrounds has had some recent competition in the last year or two and I was begging to think why newgrounds? Taking a look around Newgrounds has became not only a master peice, but kept the magic it always had. When I first heard about the re deign I got excited, then I got bored, then I forgot about it. So when it it came back it felt all the better. NG has really set the mark high.

Good job NG!


2007-07-22 02:05:44

Ha, you had Dobio speechless, so he locked your topic. Epic Win.


2007-07-31 07:05:47

Hey Dead. It's Jedi ya know?


2008-01-23 22:57:13



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