Entry #3

Along the way

2009-09-03 13:51:09 by DeadPixels

So long time no brog post.

I'm back into animation and should have something actually worth watching around this time next year.
Everything is "GO" on my end, just waiting for a few people to be the same.

This winter, myself and a fellow acquaintance of mine will be butt-fucking London, Hammersmith again this year as we rock out the soft seductive sounds of Homme, Grohl and Jones playing their 'Them Crooked Vultures' tour, December 17th.
And then Deluka, sometime, I need to sort.

I picked myself up one of these, a Sony HDR-XR200VE. Which makes this a good time to tell you I'm also in the middle of filming a documentary, 'The Rough Side of Life'. Pics will come when I update you next.

I have to plug my good man Ronald Jenkees, go check his stuff out. The main reason is because I'm animating & editing a music video for his tune named 'Throwing Fire', so look out for that. [See attached Picture]

As for Castle Crashers, it's finally coming to the PlayStation Network as most of you know, which is awesome and I cannot wait to rinse it online with a few of you guys. Which also reminds me, I am thinking of purchasing a PS3 Slim and a PSP Go. I think it's time for an upgrade as my old Japanese PSP (which I got in 2005) is getting kind of old and my 60GB PS3, which I got on the UK launch, is a bit too big for my liking!

Anyway, I look forward to updating you more often. You can catch me twitter etc.. Just look hard enough. Anyway..

As for now, I'm just saving up to get my kids through college.


Along the way


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